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Canterbury Acoustics have established a new Acoustic Testing Facility in Christchurch New Zealand, with the aim to provide an easily assessable, reliable facility to service the Australasian and International acoustics community.

The facility is an ideal resource for product testing and verification and for research and development.

For several years now Australasian acoustic testing facilities have been limited, with several facilities closing in recent years.

In October 2018 planning started for a new reverberation room, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The design was finalised in early 2019. Construction began late March and was completed late July 2019.

The room is a cuboid shape chamber, constructed in accordance with AS ISO 354 - 2006. Subsections 6.1.1 Volume of reverberation room, and 6.1.2 Shape of reverberation room, of the following dimensions, 7.7 m x 6.1 m x 4.7 m high, with a cubic volume of 219 m3 and internal surface area of 224 m2.

Acoustic commissioning was concluded August the same year.

The facility consists of a reverberation room, adjoining control room, and transmission loss openings, along a Ceiling Flanking Noise (CFN) facility, that was existing, prior to the construction of the reverberation room.

The reverberation room construction is of a unique design, consisting of double steel stud framing covered with multiple layers of plasterboard and plywood with an internal lining of aluminium.

The Reverberation Chamber





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