Testing Services

At our testing lab, we strive to serve our clients by offering our exceptional testing facility and a variety of capabilities to carry out physical testing of prototypes and products.

Current Capabilites:

For Sound Absorption Measurements NRC and αw

Reverberation Chamber in accordance with:

 For Transmission Loss Measurements of Building Elements STC and Rw

1. Full size sample aperture 2.4 m x 10 m

2. Small aperture 1.2 m x 2.4 m

 For Sound Power Measurements of noise sources, such as machinery, plant and equipment

 For Suspended Ceiling Tiles and Systems CAC

Ceiling Flanking Noise facility (CFN) in accordance with:

Future Capabilites:

For Rain Fall Sound

Rain Noise in accordance with:

Lab Accreditation


State of the art equipment and instrumentation.

Sound absorption and ceiling flanking noise measurements are made using an 8 channel National Instruments data acquisition system.

The data is then processed, and report created using an integrated data acquisition and processing software package.

This system forms the foundation of a reliable measurement and reporting procedure, conforming to the appropriate ISO standards and lab quality system.

Sound intensity measurements are made using a SINUS 2 channel Apollo, with a Microtech Gefell intensity probe. The measurement hardware then integrates with the Lab measurement processing software.



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